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ACTive Care Counseling & Coaching helps you take back control of your health & life without the stress.


Embracing the tides of CHRONIC ILLNESS, one wave at a time, TOGETHER.


Hi! I’m Destiny.

I’m a Health Coach and Mental Health Counselor who helps people with chronic health conditions find balance in their lives, so they can suffer less and do more of what they love.

I work with men and women under licensed, medical care for chronic pain, disease, and disorders. Together, we develop the motivation and skills you need to follow through with your treatment plans.


If you’re ready to…

  • Make your doctor, your family, and yourself proud

  • Connect with others who understand your pain

  • Find resources to help you cope with stress and setbacks

  • Reduce the overwhelm that comes with new and healthy habits

  • Build a solid support system to help you stay on track

…then let’s chat



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