My clients mean the world to me…

Read below to see how our sessions have impacted their worlds as well.


Ilana L.

“This was the first group I have been a part of that gave me a positive outlook/approach to the craziness that is a chronic illness. Everywhere else I have sought advice/help from others was so terribly negative that I was overwhelmed. I appreciated that we had a space to share anything and be 100% open and honest without any fear that we would say something that others would shame or judge us for. Destiny really works on helping achieve goals big and small in a safe environment. We really held each other accountable but did not look down upon others if they did not quite achieve their intended goal they set out to.”

Jodi G.

“The focus was on constructive feedback that you could actually implement. It wasn't just a space to vent, there was a sense of intimacy that allowed thoughtful validation of your concerns along with practical feedback. Anyone who feels alone and isolated will get the most out of this process, as its especially helpful for identifying and figuring out how to communicate your needs to your friends and family. Destiny was lovely and encouraging, and I am so glad I had this experience.”


Jennie C.

“This was my first online support group, and Destiny and my group members made it comfortable, interactive, and informative. All sessions were laid back, making it easier to talk and share with each other. What I enjoyed most was learning about emotions and feelings, and I'm now able to use different words to get my feelings and needs across instead of using the same words over and over which haven't worked very well.”

Rabea S.

“I met Destiny at a retreat where she held inspiring group sessions. She impressed me with her presence and her ability to create a healing space for all of us. Destiny has a superpower: her communication skills. She really listens to people, knows when to ask a question and how to phrase a question so that it is helpful. She never jumps to conclusions or makes any judgements. Instead, she challenges everybody to find their own answers while giving gentle guidance. Destiny helped me to get clear on my goals and break them down into tiny, achievable steps. I love her practical approach. No more excuses!”


Katie M.

“When Destiny asked me to write a testimonial for her website, I didn’t hesitate. Destiny helped me every step of the way with encouragement and new ways to think about things. Every session was productive and left me feeling confident to start creating new experiences and relationships that continue to enhance my life today. Whether you have no idea where to start or even if you’ve had a life coach before, Destiny is a down-to-earth, caring, and hardworking coach that will not only help you see the best in yourself, but will be there for you long after your work together is over.”

Valerie B.

“I have to be honest and say when I first met Destiny, I was a little taken back! I am a black mother of 4 and 41 years old at the time going through a divorce. She was a young white woman and I was like, "Uhhh, I'm not sure if this is going to work!" But I wanted to keep an open mind at first until I found someone else. To my surprise, Destiny has a very seasoned heart. She spoke with humility and honesty. She broke the ice very quickly by recognizing the barriers with me and completely unarmed me to the point where I felt incredibly comfortable. I remember telling her after our sessions that she had something magical about her, a REAL, TRUE gift! And I still remember all of her helpful advice until this day! She has a very memorable soul and has a true heart for her profession.”


Gabby D.

I have worked with Destiny for many months now, and every conversation leaves me feeling empowered and ready to continue making changes. Destiny is a very intellectual, open-minded woman, who has a wide range of knowledge about motivation and change. I feel really heard by her. We worked together on topics involving my career, life path, and internal issues. She has helped me see new perspectives and gain clarity in my life, which has led to me make huge life decisions, such as quitting my job where I was no longer thriving. If you are looking to be inspired and become more clear on what is right for you in life, Destiny is an incredible person to work with. 

With respect for privacy, only clients who have given permission have been added to this page.